Tabligh, Nizamuddin & this Qawali

There is a lot literature coming out on Tablighi Jamaat. It needs to be mentioned that its no coincidence that the Tablighi Markaz (Centre) is located next to the Nizamuddin Dargah. The Tabligh was established to counter everything that sufis like the Nizamuddin preached. In fact it first got active in the Mewat region of Haryana/Rajsathan in and around Alwar where a large population of Meo Muslims practiced beliefs that were borrowed from both Hindu and Islamic rituals. The Tabligh advocats that they give up Hindu rituals and revert to pure Islamic religion. The Nizamuddin Dargah represents syncretic and liminal/shared practices that is followed by large number of poor and the subaltern classes of India. They include both Hindus and Muslims. It is a common belief that if one visits Dargahs like Nizammuddin, Ajmer, Bakhtir Kaki in Delhi, Saleem Chisiti in Agra and other sites on one trip its like like performing Haj in Mecca. They cant afford to go to Mecca. This lovely qawali that I am posting is sung by the famous Farid Ayaz who belong to the Bacha Gharan of Delhi, associated with the Nizamudding Dargah. They are singing verses from 18th century Punjabi mystic Bulle Shah. The Tabligh dislikes such poetry and culture that challenges orthodox Islam. This culture that says that the God can reside any where, it can reside inside me, it could be my lover, I rather dance to please my lover than pray to God five times a day etc etc. Please listen. Its a marvellous rendition that will reassure you and sooth your nerves in such times of bigoted uncertainties. I was lucky to be there when they sang this.

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